take their word for it



“Margeaux is everything you want in a creative – smart, talented, unflappable, a problem solver, a team player, has a strong POV and yet is still open-minded and takes direction well. She’s soft spoken at times, but I always love to hear what she has to say.”

— Jeff Cruz, EVP, Chief Creative Officer at MRM//McCann Detroit


“When I started my business, I knew I needed a multi-talented creative director but I never expected to find someone who could fulfill five jobs for the price of one. Margeaux is that person. She has taken the lead role in photography, social media management, graphic design, marketing, and product design. She has a sharp instinct for advertising and design, but is open to new ideas and easy to work with. Blue Tree Travel wouldn't be the same without her!”

— Derek Remer, Founder of Blue Tree Travel


“Margeaux would be an asset to any organization who is lucky enough to have her. She is a talented designer producing high quality designs with efficiency and speed, which is a rare combination. She is a quick and eager learner picking up new programs and styles with ease. If I was to build a “dream team” Margeaux would definitely be on it!”

— Christine Keillor, Associate Creative Director at MRM//McCann Detroit


“Margeaux is a true team player and always goes above and beyond what is asked of her. She is smart, organized, and collaborative while exhibiting a calm demeanor even during the most stressful situations. I would welcome her on our team at any time in the future.”

— Drew Varsava, VP Director of Program Management at MRM//McCann


“In the past we worked with other graphic designers who struggled to understand what we were trying to accomplish. Not only was Margeaux more innovative and original than anyone else she was also extremely transparent with timelines and how she was going to complete the project.”

— Jeff Hoven, Founder of Stout Bloody Mary Blend


“Margeaux has shown she has the ability to work well with team members at any level, from junior to executive.”

— Sue Riddle, Director of Creative Services at MRM//McCann